How to install docker with support to CUDA in Ubuntu 22.04?

Follow the instructions from NVIDIA website. Run the post-install actions from docker website to allow non-root users to run docker commands.

How to Generate a Sequence of Dates of Specific Days of Week in Excel?

Summary: Use the formula "=WORKDAY.INTL(DATE(2023;3;20);1;"0101111")" to generate the next day after March 20th 2023 given that valid days are defined in the last argument. The sequence of zeros and ones represent the days of week, from Monday to Sunday. Zeros represent valid days and ones represent invalid days. In the example, the next day will be Wednesday. If we drag the cell down, the rows will contain the next mondays and fridays.

How to turn off the terminal bell in Ubuntu?

Edit the file /etc/inputrc (as root) as uncomment the line "set bell-style none" (reference).

How create a shortcut to paste non-formatted text into Word?

From the View tab, click on Macros -> View Macros. In the Macros dialog, enter PasteSpecial in the macro name field and click Create. Replace the contents of the code editor with the following code:

Sub PasteSpecial()
On Error GoTo errHandler

Selection.PasteSpecial DataType:=wdPasteText
Exit Sub


End Sub

Then, save and close the code editor. Go to File tab -> Options -> Customize Ribbon, click on the Customize... button after "keyboard shortcuts:". Choose Macro in the Categories box and choose PasteSpecial in the Macros box. In Press new shortcut key box, enter ctrl+shift+V, then click Assign.

This tip is based on this StackExchange answer.

How to Watch YouTube Videos at Speeds Higher than 2x?

Go to the video, press ctrl+shift+j (or command+shift+c in Mac) to open the javaScript console, and type the command document.getElementsByTagName("video")[0].playbackRate = 3 to increase the speed 3x. Replace the value 3 for other values for different speeds. This tip is based on this Quora answer.